Jennifer Parr

Health & Happiness Coach

Health Coach / Energy Healing

Aligning your subconscious and conscious mind to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and highest potential! 

As a Health & Happiness Coach, I Can Help You:  

I offer Individual Coaching Sessions and In-Person Energy Healing sessions throughout Orange County California. Individual Coaching and Long Distance Energy Healing packages are offered via phone from the comfort of your warm, cozy home. This allows me to work with clients in Southern California and all over the country.

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The benefits of Energy Healing and subconscious coaching are absolutely endless but may include stress reduction, increased energy levels, relieving physical pain, removing subconcious blocks, increasing intuition, increasing income, improvement in relationships, clarity around your true hearts desires, passions, life purpose, feeling happier and more fulfilled, and so much more!  

Why do I call myself a "Health AND Happiness Coach”? I have made many shifts in my life, all of which, have contributed to my overall health and happiness, including making changes in my diet, career, relationships and home. I have many tools that I've learned, and use with clients, that contribute to their overall happiness and wellbeing.

I believe, that we are all unique and there is not one way, theory, or therapy that works for everyone.  Whether your goals include changing your career, making more money, attracting a new relationship that you deserve, ending emotional eating, taking more time for yourself, stress reduction, or anything else, my knowledge in many different areas, allows me to offer a variety of unbiased approaches and tools, and provide a solution that is the absolute best for YOU and works long-term!!

What is a Health Coach? Within the health coaching industry, there are MANY types of health coaches and programs out there. Some “health coach” programs include simply selling you products (without the lifestyle change piece), giving you a plan that results in a temporary quick fix and/or using a cookie cutter approach. 

As a holistic Health Coach, my programs and services are very unique, as they are all completely customized to my clients needs and goals. I’ve studied and earned certifications and accreditation in many modalities through some of the leading educators in the world. I like to think of my education, like tools in a toolbox. Depending on your goals and needs, I have many approaches or tools, all of which support health and optimal well-being!

My niche includes working specifically with clients on identifying deep subconscious beliefs that may be stopping them from taking action and getting the results they truly desire. After we identify and shift those beliefs, the actions needed to reach their goals become much easier to implement and the results are also long lasting. I work with women that are truly committed and ready to move in to a higher level of growth and achievement (because where you are at now isn't working anymore). 

In addition to the food that we eat, I believe that many areas of our lives affect our health and wellbeing. You can eat all the broccoli in the world, but if you are totally stressed out, you are not going to be truly "healthy" and feel your absolute best! Did you know more than 70-80% of illnesses are due to stress? Stress reduction can tremendously contribute to living a healthier, happier life. I have LOTS of tools that support stress reduction and creating more happiness and fulfillment in your life, which ultimately leaves you feeling great and living a truly "healthy" life! I also can help in identifying any subconscious blocks that could be sabotaging your success and give you tools and support in shifting them!  

I also teach classes, such as Laughter Yoga, with the sole focus of having fun, laughing, and bringing more childlike play and happiness into our daily lives (Bonus: there are a TON of physical benefits from laughter). After class, Laughter Yoga students and research studies report feeling immediate stress relief, pain reduction, reduced symptoms of allergies, asthma, arthritis, improved digestion, less sick days, stronger immune system and it’s a GREAT calorie burning, cardiovascular workout! I also recently started Laugh Mob events to spread joy and happiness! I'd love to have you join us! 

Whether you’re in California or anywhere else in the country, I have programs to support you! Could one conversation change your life? YES! Schedule your initial consultation with me today!


"If you dream it, you can do it" - Walt Disney 


For national or local healing! Locally available in Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach,
Laguna Hills, Dana Point, San Clemente California.