Root Chakra Affirmations

The words that we speak aloud carry a certain vibration. To help in accelerating your manifestations, hearts desires and in keeping your chakras balanced, I recommend saying affirmations daily. If possible, read them aloud first thing in the morning and again before bed.

Affirmations help start your day on a positive note. After I read my morning affirmations, I feel that I can take on the world! The more you say them, the more they’ll sink in to your subconcious and become true for you.

At night, they help me with winding down, quieting my chattering mind, and allow me to drift into sleep on a positive note.

I’ve decided to share a compliation of affirmations relating to each of your seven chakras.  Below is a list of root chakra affirmations. Say these aloud, daily, to help strengthen your root chakra, welcoming support, prosperity, and renewed passion in your life. 

Root Chakra Affirmations:

I am fully supported today and everyday.

I have everything that I need.

I live a meaningful, passionate life.

I am fully grounded.

I nurture my body with nutritious food,  regular exercise, and relaxation.

I am focused, organized and accomplish tasks easily with grace and ease.

I connect daily with nature.

I see and appreciate all the blessings that surround me now.

I am now manifesting my life purpose.

I follow my divine guidance to lead me each step of the way.

I choose my beliefs about money.

I am wealthy.

I am financially secure.

My income is constantly increasing.

My worth increases everday.

All my experiences with money are positive and valuable.

I use my money generously for myself and those I love.

I am success.

I rejoice in my success, as well as others, knowing great abundance is available for everyone.

I am safe and protected.

I trust in the process of life and all my experiences.

I learn and grow from each experience and make choices that support my highest good.

I have the power to make my dreams come true.

I choose to be the greatest expression of myself, today and everyday.

I am open, receptive and I accept blessings from the universe.

I accept joy, love, and peace in to my life.

I am loved and supported in all ways.

I am grateful for this divine abundance and I use it to bring blessings to myself and others.

Thank you.