Overcoming Doubt and Lack of Clarity in Business

I have felt a pull on my heart strings towards starting a new business. I’ve had business ideas come and go over the years yet I’ve felt foggy, and unclear and haven’t seemed to make much movement.

Recently, I realized that uncertainty and doubt is creating the fogginess. The fear of what could happen like perhaps it will be a flop and all the other thinking that comes along with those fearful thoughts, can actually stop us from having the confidence and clarity we need to move forward.

Our resistance to something is ultimately just trying to protect us, reminding us of past hurts, and putting up walls to keep us safe. However, we can gently and loving thank our resistance and help it to see things differently. We can separate ourselves from it. We can knock down the walls and start fresh. Imagine standing on a plot of wide open land and walking to the center of a foundation for a brand-new home. What will you build? What will your home look like? It doesn’t have to look the same as it’s always looked.  

I am currently reading Gabby Bernstein’s book, “The Universe Has Your Back”, which I highly recommend. A quote she shares from A Course in Miraclesis “The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength.”This quote is a reminder that we don’t have to figure it all out. We don’t have to know the answers. We are not alone and we don’t have to carry all the responsibility on our shoulders. If we can surrender our resistance, and step out of our mind and ego, and simply just ask the Universe for signs and guidance, it will be shown to us. (When I say Universe, feel free to interchangeably use god, spirit, or whatever name resonates). Unwavering faith in the Universe is truly what is called for when we are stuck, doubting, and experiencing lack of clarity and disbelief in what’s possible for us. What a relief to know we don’t have to carry all the burden on our own, and we can instead hand it over to the Universe.

Over the past 10 plus years, I’ve dedicated myself to my own spiritual growth. As a result, I’ve become very in touch with my intuition, and I’ve seen first hand the magic of the Universe and receive guidance in the form of visions, feelings, numbers, and many divine synchronicities. I share that as validation that if we take the time to listen and go within, we can connect to a higher power and guidance system, an innate intelligence, that will steer us forward.

Here’s a few quick questions that I’ve been asking myself recently that I thought I’d share. When it comes to starting a business, I think it’s important to uncover what it is you truly love, and would do even if you didn’t have to. Don’t think of a business you create for money, but instead for love, and possibly service to humanity.Imagine with me.. what if you had ultimate freedom .. what would you choose to create? The intent is to get to the core of what would light you up, and step out of the resistance that may be present.

  1. Ask yourself, if I woke up tomorrow and had ultimate freedom (financial, time, etc.), what would I do? What would I create?
  2. What resistance do I have to ultimate freedom? If that (insert your resistance) wasn’t true, what would be true instead?

I believe in you. You got this!