Finding Your Happy Place: Where Time Doesn’t Exist

This afternoon, I decided I was going to take a break from work, and take a quick stroll on the beach. My stroll turned into a quick dip in the salty sea, lying out in the warm cozy sand and before I knew it, the sun was setting. As I passed the big clock tower that stood along my pathway home, I noticed that over 2 hours had passed, although it felt like a blink of an eye. I had truly and completely lost track of all time. With the fresh air, beauty and magical colors of the sunset, my thoughts and to do’s slowly drifted away and it was hard not to be present in the moment, taking in all that surrounded me.

Where is your happy place where “time” disappears? Is it when your doing art like painting or photography, playing a sport like tennis, basketball or volleyball, or is it when your listening to music? If you know your happy place, make time often, to disappear into the beauty and magic of it, where your mind can rest and be at peace, your body calm and your heart smiling. Truly, this is what life is about.


If you don’t know your happy place, start by making a “happy” list with things that that you think would be fun to do. Then commit to DO the things on the list. When you find yourself doing one of your “happy” list activities, and all time completely melts away, despite the busyness of your life, you’ll know you’ve found your happy place!Indulge often!