How to Fully Believe in Your Dreams

I believe that we all have greatness inside us. I believe that each of us are programmed with dreams that are completely unique to us and those seeds were planted in us for a reason. I also think that it can be easy in our society to get caught up in the status quo, the collective consciousness, and not fully believe in our dreams and our highest potential.

There are many things that can help with shifting our mindsets so we can fully believe in our dreams so I wanted to share a few tips. One that’s quite easy (and you can literally do right now) is to find examples of people that are doing what you want to do. Our minds like to see proof and validation that what we want to do is in fact possible.

Now if you don’t know what your dreams are, the first step is to get a clear vision. Make sure this vision is coming from a place of service, and love, and not ego. The way to do this is to focus on the end feeling that you’d like to receive from your dream. For example, I am writing a children’s book, as I love children and want to be of service to them. I envision laying in a grassy field under the warm sun (which to me is heavenly) with children nearby laughing and playing happily. That is a vision that feels joyful, and fulfilling to me. These feelings reflect my end goal of adding more joy to children’s lives through my writing, which is one way I can be of service to them.

Now, once you have your vision, find at least 2-3 examples or more of people doing what you want to do. For me, I have a collage of spiritual teachers and authors. I think visuals can be very helpful so you can make a collage with pictures of your role models (or a collage type video using the Animoto app or another similar movie making type app), listen to podcasts or interviews your role models people may be in, read their books (if they have them), or invite them to tea (if that is possible).

I just listened to an inspiring podcast with Lewis Howes where the founder of spanx, Sara Blakely, was interviewed. Before she started spanx, she was in sales, selling fax machines. She felt like she was not living up to her true potential and purpose. She meditated and asked the universe to help her to come up with an idea where she could help women and be of service. Two years later, the idea for spanx came to her. She followed her intuition through all of it, and now runs a billion dollar biz.

One message that she shared was, “the more you experience in life, the more you’ll have to offer others …so experience everything! Don’t hold yourself back!”

She could’ve stayed working in sales, she could’ve ignored her idea, but she took a chance and now has a billion dollar company. The more she makes, the more she can share and give to others and be of service.  She shared that money just amplifies who you are. For example, if you’re a kind and generous person, than the more money you have, the more kind and generous you can be.

I believe in you and your dreams and my invitation is for you to dream bigger, believe in yourself, and trust that if your dream and vision is of love and service to the planet then it is 100% possible! You got this!

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Lotsa love!