Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a fun, scientifically proven modality that improves overall health and promotes increased happiness. A laughter class is extremely beneficial for corporate retreats, conferences or events. It is also a great for birthday parties, yoga studios, spiritual centers or events, a girl’s night, or any other event where you are looking for a new, fun, experience filled with a lot of laughter.

What is laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga is laughing for absolutely no reason without having to rely on humor, jokes or comedy to laugh. Participants have a lot of fun and it brings lasting joy into their lives when practiced regularly.

What to expect in a Laughter Yoga Session?

Laughter yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques and meditation. This combination brings lots of fresh oxygen to the body and brain, which helps participants feel more energetic, less stressed and improves overall health.

It’s been scientifically proven that, when done with an open heart and willingness, the body cannot differentiate between real and fake laughter. You’ll get the same physiological and psychological benefits such as a positive mental attitude, increased joy, improved immunity, happiness and much more, whether you’re laughing with a fake or real laugh. Almost always, the laughter becomes real!

Positive Impact on Overall Health

Did you know more than 70-80% of illnesses are due to stress?! Stress and laughter are complete opposites.  If you are laughing, it’s physically impossible to be stressed. When your stressed your heartbeat goes up, when you laugh, your heartbeat goes down. When you’re stressed, blood pressure rises. When you laugh, blood pressure naturally goes down.

Participating in a laughter yoga class will instantly relieve stress!

Ten minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes of a cardio workout plus it’s really fun! Get a great workout, have fun, experience a host of scientifically proven health benefits AND feel amazing immediately after class…. sounds too good to be true, right!? Taking care of yourself and your health is the best investment you could possibly give to yourself!  Cheers to laughter!

Laughter Yoga for Retreats, Conferences or Business Functions

It has been reported, when incorporating a proven and regular laughter program into the workplace, that companies have experienced increased efficiency, better communication, increase in sales and productivity, decrease in illness and absenteeism, reduction in employee turnover, and an overall happier work environment.

Laughter Improves Business Performance in the Following Categories:

  • Stress Management.
  • Teambuilding.
  • Creating a happy, healthy and energetic workforce.
  • Peak Performance.
  • Positive Work Environment.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Learning Skills.
  • Innovation and Creativity.
  • Leadership.
  • Increases Productivity.
  • Motivation and Enthusiasm.

What will Employees Experience after the First Session?

Immediately following the first laughter yoga session, employees will understand the value of laughter as an exercise. Some employees have reported decreased anxiety, stress, tension, and worry immediately after the first class. Employees will have elevated energy levels, which will help them feel more positive and experience more joy throughout the workday.

They will learn how to change their mood within minutes through the exercises.Practicing regularly will create a positive attitude toward co-workers and outside vendorrelationships. They will learn positive coping mechanisms for difficult life situations, so that when difficult situations arise, work performance will not be hindered.

Participants in the laughter class will learn techniques for releasing built up negative emotions, which will also enhance workplace morale and relationships.

Ten minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise so they will also stimulate heart rate, increase blood circulation, properly oxygenate cells (which can prevent cancer), and release endorphins which will leave them feeling happy! Lack of exercise leads to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stress and a host of related illnesses.

Offering a laughter yoga class, at any business event, retreat or conference is a fun and effective tool, which benefits both the company and employees(or clients, attendees, etc.)!

Training and Conferences

After 90 minutes of concentration, the human brains attention span drops. A quick 5-10 minute laughter yoga break, can offer an energy boost, to keep the attention span high, which in turn enhances focus, concentration, learning skills and potential.

Wellness Fairs and Events

Laughter yoga tends to create a large interest and positive impact. It leaves people energized and experiencing positive feelings immediately after a laughter session, which can then be associated to your company and/or event. Since laughter yoga is new to many people, it’s a way to differentiate yourself, make a positive lasting impact, and draw people to your events in a way that is fun and exciting.

Please contact me to create a custom laughter program to best match your personal, business or special event needs.