My Story

As an intuitive healer, teacher and happiness coach, I offer intuitive guidance that combines profound insight and tools that you can implement immediately to live a happy, fulfilling life!

I believe that the key to long-term happiness is to first remember who you truly are, your deepest passions, purpose, gifts and what brings you joy. To do that, it often involves letting go of that which is not aligned with who you truly are, including releasing past programming, beliefs, habits, patterns, people and experiences that no longer serve you. The process to happiness involves the discovery of yourself, and the implementation of living your life more aligned with your purpose, passions, gifts, who you truly are, and indulging (often) in all that brings your heart joy!

My Purpose is to Show You

  • How to experience more love, joy and LAUGHTER in your daily life
  • How to find more PEACE, calm, relaxation, and balance in your every day life
  • How to connect to your INTUITION so it becomes a guide for being your happiest self
  • How to express your inner creativity
  • How to open up to new gifts, passion, and PURPOSE
  • How to MANIFEST your hearts dreams and wishes
  • How to learn, GROW and reach your highest potential

One of my biggest wishes is that I can help others to open up to more joy and more of who they really are, so that together, on this journey, we can all live as happy, healthy, and fulfilled as absolutely possible.

I have successfully guided and supported clients from all walks of life, including children and primarily women, for over 5 years. I offer a variety of tools, guidance and bright inspiration to awaken, brighten and enlighten your soul.

I have studied and mastered multiple energy healing modalities including reiki and theta healing. I’ve studied and practiced many holistic and alternative therapies including holistic nutrition, reflexology, meditation, and more. I’ve studied yoga philosophy and am a certified laughter yoga teacher. I worked under a spiritual teacher for over 5 years and have also extensively studied and taught courses on the chakras, which are energy points in the body. The majority of my knowledge is a blend of this training, and spiritual philosophies I’ve learned from my mentor, and my own spiritual practices and work as an intuitive, sensitive soul.

To read my full story that outlines the entire journey of my own spiritual awakening, click here.

5 Things You Might Not Know About ME

  1. I studied and lived abroad in Melbourne, Australia, which is where I first began studying holistic and alternative modalities in 2006!
  2. I’ve lived in 4 US states (and Australia). Before I decided to move to California, I asked spirit to show me a sign, in the form of a feather, in the state I was meant to move in my highest good. Upon a trip to San Diego, I was walking and found a feather that had been stuck in the ground and was sticking straight up, probably almost 12inches tall! I’m a sunshine girl so California suits me well!
  3. Health and nutrition are very important to me. I eat organic, local produce and unprocessed foods. I love farm to table restaurants! I do not drink alcohol because I don’t like how it makes me feel.
  4. If you popped into my home, on an average day, you’d most likely see me bust out singing and dancing at some point throughout the day!
  5. I’m very environmentally conscious and like community. I like the idea of living in a co-housing type community, which is where neighbors typically share common visions and facilities such as an organic garden, an art room, solar power, and other common ideals. This modern idea of community is one that I’d really like to see spread!

The Message I Want to Give the World

Let your light shine. Don’t conform, transform. The power is within you. Believe!

If I had My Own Affirmation, it would be

I am unconditional love, joy laughter and my inner creativity full expressed. All my dreams and wishes, in the highest good of all, are manifested. As I think them, they appear. I now radiate my love and light to the world!

Professional Bio

Jennifer is a happiness coach, intuitive healer, and teacher. She shares her gifts of healing through individual chakra balancing sessions, classes, workshops and writing.

Originally from the east coast of the United States, she has studied and practiced a variety of healing modalities for over 8 years. She currently resides in southern California.

She is a contributing author to the book, 365 Days of Angel Prayers, which is an Amazon best seller. She has been featured on multiple radio shows, blogs, and in the LA times, Daily pilot, for her pioneering work and programs that help spread more joy and laughter to the community.

Jenn mixes a dash of loving, wise insight with a splash of intoxicating fun and joy, that often leaves people walking away with a smile. Jennifer inspires others to take charge of their life and happiness by helping release the things that are making them sad and keeping them stuck, boosting their intuition, filling their tool box with daily practices, and indulging daily in self-love, fun, laughter and doing what makes you happy!


The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City
Professional Coaching Training and Certification Program

Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga Training Program

International Center for Reiki Training
Reiki Practitioner
Certifications: Levels I, II and Master Level

Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge
Certification: Advanced Theta Healer

The University of Tampa
Bachelor of Science: Business/Marketing


American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Board Certified and Accredited Member

The State University of New York, Purchase College
Holistic Health Continuing Education Credits