2019 Energy Forecast

2019 is just around the corner! I like to take time each year to honor the winter solstice and the year prior, 2018. I tune in and reflect on lessons learned, growth and celebrations, and what I need to shed or let go. I also focus on what I’d like to bring into the year ahead.

This year I also spent some time listening to the astrology and a few other spiritual teachers messages to see what the energy ahead contains including Kari Samuels, Lee Harris and Jessica Richetti. I was excited to see that many of the messages I received or things I’ve been experiencing are very much aligned to what other spiritual teachers were sharing as well. There are many paths, yet only one truth. I thought I’d share some of the messages with you for 2019 and what’s to come.

I personally have experienced moving into a deepening of relationships in 2018 with more emotional connection. More heart centered, vulnerable, real, walls down kind of relationships.

2019 will continue to support this moving out of isolation of sensitive souls and into more emotional connection, community and authentic, heart centered relationships. When these type of relationships unite, magical heart centered people that are living life fully alive, it creates a powerful, amplified force that you could not create on your own. Not only do you benefit, but so do others in your presence which can create a ripple effect.

I also meditated to choose a word or overall my theme or intention for 2019. I recommend taking some time to do this for yourself, and possibly even creating a vision board or visual reminder of your theme. The theme that came to me was love and living as my truest, most authentic self. To me that means being my joyful, energetic self not just in certain environments but showing up more fully as that in all environments.

Kari Samuels shared that numerology wise, 2019 is a 3 universal year which represents joyful expression, authenticity and creativity. Now is time to express yourself fully as you are in your career, workplace, and in the way you show up in all your relationships. Joyful and authentic energy and expression are big this year. This is a year of living more fully alive. This is a year to come out of hiding and presenting your authentic, joyful energy more with the world.

Be sure to also make time for stillness, listening to what your body needs so you can receive intuitive and internal guidance. Also, focus your energy on what you’d like to create in the world, until you see an image or get a feeling that truly feels light, freeing, energizing, and exciting. From that space, you will know you are aligned to the highest truth. We have the power to impact not only our own future realities, but the collective energy and the future of our planet so keep your thoughts and projections positive so we all may create our own heaven on earth.

If you need any support, please know I am available to help. Sending lots of love for an exciting and beautiful 2019 filled with deep love, connection, and new opportunities.