Integrating Fall Equinox Energies 2015

Make the most out of this season by learning about the Fall energies and activities to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

It’s time to let go and begin anew.

Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons. I spent the fall equinox in Mt. Shasta, deep in the forest and mountains, reflecting on the past year. I left feeling refreshed, energized, clear and renewed. Below is some information on how to make the most of this time of year so that you can also feel joyful, refreshed and ready to take on the year ahead! 

Fall is the perfect time for shedding anything that is not working anymore, and making positive changes in our lives. Just as in spring, we often do some “spring cleaning”, fall cleaning is an excellent activity to clear out the old and make room for your fall harvest, and all the new seeds of abundance, prosperity, love, and opportunity that you wish to plant for the coming year. 

The Fall equinox, combined with some powerful astrological events such as the recent lunar eclipse, is making this an extra potent time to let go of the old and welcome in positive new change.   

“When eclipses occur near the equinoxes, a time when the Earth’s magnetic field decreases, they aid us in making rapid changes, releasing old energy patterns so there’s energy available to create new forms.” – from Mystic Mamma’s blog

This is an ideal time to let go of old behavioral patterns, emotions, reactivity, relationships, work, being stuck, and everything and anything holding you back. 

Below are some activities that I did on my Mt. Shasta retreat. Take the time to go inward to make the most out this season and year!

Activities to Renew & Feel Energized this Fall

1. Year in Review: Get out a journal and some pretty colored pens, light some candles, and do a review of the past year. Write out your successes, achievements, lessons learned, people that you need to forgive, things you need to let go and don’t want to carry into the new year, blessings, manifestations and anything else you feel called to write about.

2.  Gratitude List: Write out all that you are grateful for from the past year. 

3. Manifestation Box: I have a little butterfly box that I have made my dedicated manifestation box. I wrote out a detailed list of that which I wish to manifest and put it inside my manifestation box that I keep on my fall altar. 🙂  

4. Decorate for Fall: Fall is a time of celebration, festivity, and in the past a time of indulging in an abundance of food from the last big harvest before winter. Decorate your home with pine cones, acorns, pumpkins, candles, and fall decor. Have a pumpkin carving party or fall potluck with friends. Enjoy!

Happy Fall!